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Are You Ready To Break Through Your Financial Setpoint?

I’m creating a movement to help high-achieving women in real estate, so they can get more clients

Are you ready to create sustainable financial security and
nail your life goals once and for all?

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Is your money mindset keeping you stuck?

Would you love to delve deep to find those big fat hidden roots that are secretly limiting your earnings?
Not to mention your confidence?

The good news is you can uncover these roots and stop all the drama, stress, shame, and self-doubt. All of those negative experiences can be replaced with feeling inspired, successful, and wealthy.

 This is all possible for you wherever you're at in your journey—and I can help you get there.

I'm a personal development veteran, certified life coach and money mindset expert. I love people and I look forward to meeting you so we can have a deep, heart-to-heart conversation because that is how I roll, I am glad you are here.

I completely understand the feeling of struggling with life because I used to get triggered by money too! 

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Let me know if this sounds familiar...

  • you have cleared up your debt yet, you are struggling with creating more wealth in your life.
  • you find yourself procrastinating when it comes to focused income goals.
  • you want to get your passion back and you want to find your value.
  • you feel overwhelmed and disorganized.
  • you have no idea where to start to make any changes.


You know things need to change...

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you're ready for the peace and freedom you've always wanted

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you're tired of the
boom and bust cycle

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you're done procrastinating when it comes to focused income goals


The results speak for themselves...

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"I am so grateful I have found Becky as a coach!  Her coaching techniques are solution-based versus problem-focused.  Unlike the counseling I have experienced, they are systematic, proven, interactive, positive, and encouraging.  She has provided techniques to help me be introspective and tools for traction to propel me forward from my seemingly "stuck" situation.  Thank you, Becky, for your wisdom and time!  You are a God-send and worth every penny!”

Dr. Kelly Halligan, Dentist

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"Becky’s technique translates into all areas of our lives – money, goal setting, relationships, self-care, and more… the technique is eye-opening. Becky has invested in me and provided me with the tools and skills to put the past behind me and finally do things differently, truly responding to each challenge that is thrown my way (instead of reacting). I just wish I would have found her earlier!."

Candidate Dr. Trinity Albertson, Mentor Business Solutions Specialist

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"Becky is truly an expert in money mindset coaching. As an entrepreneur, I was able to identify and clear the clutter that was holding me back from truly going for my goals. She also helped me get crystal clear about who I am as a woman, entrepreneur, and leader, as well as crystal clear on exactly the type of person I serve through my business! I can’t recommend Becky enough! If you can get on her schedule, DO IT! You won’t regret it!."

Jody Barbour, Entrepreneur, Health and Wellness Business Builder

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"I’m a bit of a personal development junkie, so I was skeptical that there was anything Becky could teach me that I didn’t already know. Wow—so wrong. Becky instinctively dialed in on exactly what I needed to get unstuck. Each session with her was more valuable than reading ten self-help books. Forget what you think you need and let Becky help you get out of your rut and finally live your life on purpose.."

Jaime Blair, Entrepruner/Copy Writing Expert, and Coach

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I get it. You're ready to change your money picture because you don't have the time and energy to mess around.

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The 5 Secret Keys to Clear Hidden Money Blocks 
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Let's Clear Your Money Blocks And Create More Wealth

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Wealth and Freedom Coaching Program

We'll target your money blocks and positively impact your whole life.

This is not a course or a membership. You'll work with me each week:

  • Focused sessions where I am 100% invested in you.
  • Weekly action steps that I create custom for you, one step at a time to set you up for inevitable success.
  • Access to my private portal where you will find detailed notes, metrics and my private tool box to help you up-level your coaching experience.
  • Your experience will bring out more of your natural confidence, personal power, and enthusiastic action.
  • Ready to start living an abundant life?


Good, because there's something I need to tell you.

As a Life Coach, I began working with brilliant, heart-centered, service-oriented female realtors who really woke me up. As I discovered, so many of us are living our passions but we are still stuck on limited programming, making a limited impact, and experience an equally painful relationship with finances. And so, my straightforward brain went to work and I found a way to get results for my clients and myself. I am incredibly passionate about delivering a process to help women get the results they really want and THAT is exactly what is about to happen for you too.

Now, let's shake your money up!

I'm ready to learn more!

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